Shell tools

I have embraced the Unix philosophy of small tools done well. It started when I resolved to use Bash to solve weekly challenges at work (another neat idea, more on that another time!). Here’s some neat little tricks I have learned over time : sort -n : sort numerically sort -k 1 : sort by a field sort -t "/" -k 3 : sort by the third field, split by “/”

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Beyond Code

A developer came to me with a great piece of code to automate something. Clearly they have put a good amount of thought about the amount of times this thing has been done manually and has done the important work of codifying it enough such that it can be run by a computer.

We both asked the question “What’s next ?”

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Write to NTFS with MacOS

I’m always surprised when I plug in the family’s external HD and find that my Mac refuses to write to it. Hopefully one day, it will be fixed. So what do I do ?

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7 years at Powershop

On the 15th of March, 2017, I marked 7 years with Powershop ! 🎉

Non-secure sites in Chrome

Sometime in the future, possibly in 2017, Chrome is seeking to mark all non-secure sites with a bold and loud warning. For website administrators and server operators, this is one to watch out for.

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Convert array to hash of hashes...

I wanted to convert a array of [item1, item2, item3] to {item1 => {item2 => item3}}. Here is the quick and dirty code I came up with…

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Reboot with Hugo

Thanks to the magic of static site generators, I’ve now moved from Blogger to Hugo. All static site generators are much for muchness, but Hugo appealed to me with the chance of at least hacking in Go. The main benefit though would be archive all my writing in git - which can now be found at The code to generate my blog is kept in a separate repository. Besides the folders to drive Hugo, I have included a home-made Blogger to Hugo importer.

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Land and Waste New Zealand - #mixandmashnz

Here’s a behind the scenes write-up for my Mix and Mash NZ mashup. Check it out here : This mashup attempts to show land and waste data as it changes, and hopefully illuminates any improvements of our environmental impact as well as regressions. The journey It started out as an idea to gather all kerb recycling data from all 75 odd local councils in New Zealand. That meant scraping the data off the websites of various local and unitary councils.

Fix home/end keybindings in on OS X all the way to the end of the less buffer! Drove me crazy the way end behaves exactly like page down instead. This tip fixed that for me. See this Amp at