Code Review talk

It was a great pleasure and honour to give a talk at RubyConf Australia 2016 in Gold Coast, in the month of February 2016.

My talk was about the cultural learnings of code review, as practised in Powershop. Here is the video of my talk. Enjoy!

You can also find slides at Speaker Deck

The conference itself was awesome, the organisers really went out of their way to help us feel welcome and happy. The speakers, for example were treated to a early morning breakfasts with Dolphins. The closing party at MovieWorld was brilliant too - outdoor dinner with heaps of yummy food and we got part of the park all to ourselves. Everyone at the conference was positive and cheerful. This was my second time at a RubyConf Australia, and it was well worth it.

The next RubyConf Australia next year in 2017 will be back in Melbourne. If you are considering attending the conference, go for it !