Facebook - greedy defaults and jarring configs

Commited Facebook Suicide for the second time. Where do I start? …

The first thing that jarred me was that my full birthday is published. This in combination with search engine visibility means that it’s spammer time.

Next thing that happened is that the privacy settings had “Everyone”, “Friends of Friends”, and “Friends”. Nice and simple, I thought. But no, I have to exclude my full birthday again from everyone. (I know about how your friend’s applications can just mine everyone’s data through friends).

Ok, I’ll just configure that again.

What do I see next. Social Ads. Ads. Default On. In my name. I hate Ads that purport to be in my name. That’s it. Goodbye.

Here are some tools below that can help you, but to be honest, I don’t think anyone can keep up with the myriad of configurations.